Working closely with our faculty, students in the Department of Chemistry are afforded many opportunities to develop their scientific communication and technical skills outside of the classroom.   

  • Upper-level students can also work for the department as teaching assistants, preparation technicians, and graders. Students work closely with faculty and staff in teaching related duties, providing them valuable professional training.  
  • Students are encouraged to participate in research projects at all levels of education. This research has lead to our undergrads co-authoring scholarly papers with chemistry faculty and presenting at local professional meetings.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in internship experiences both in the summer and as a for-credit option during the school year. Recently our students have had internships experiences at the FBI, NIST, the Bureau of Engraving, and the University of Michigan REU.
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    Undergraduate Research

    Chemistry is an experimental science and our Department and the University encourage all of our students to participate in research activities.

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  • Chemistry Club at Halloween on Campus event

    Student Organizations

    The Catholic University Chemistry Club (C2) is a club devoted to students interested in chemistry and polymers, and encourages students who wish to pursue doctoral or professional studies in the related fields to join.

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