Dr. Aaron Barkatt: Earth Science, Environmental Science and Technology, Materials Chemistry, Geochemistry, Aquatic Chemistry, Surface Science, Radiochemistry, Separation Chemistry, Corrosion Science, X-ray Diffraction, Spectrophotometry, Chemical and Radioactive Waste Management

Dr. Cindy Brewer: Schiff base complexes, tripodal complexes, amino acid Schiff bases, transition metal complexes

Dr. Greg Brewer: structural chemistry, magnetochemistry, synthesis of metal complexes, amino acids, chirality, supramolecular chemistry, spin crossover complexes, bi- and polynuclear complexes

Dr. Lawrence P. Cook: Materials Chemistry

Dr. Katherine L. Havanki: Eye tracking methodologies, Organic Chemistry Notation, Visual Information Processing, Technology in the classroom, Curriculum Development, Chemical Education Research (CER)

Dr. Vadim Knyazev: Chemical Kinetics, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Combustion Chemistry, Polymer Pyrolysis, Collision Induced Ion Fragmentation

Dr. Ildiko M. Kovach: Solution and Enzyme Kinetics, Kinetic and Solvent Isotope Effects, Enzyme Mechanisms, Modeling using Molecular Mechanics and Dynamics.

Dr. Greg Miller: Protein structure and function, Cellular signaling, Enzymology, Molecular biology