Greg J. Miller, Ph.D.

Welcome to Catholic U and our department. The chemical sciences are fascinating, constantly changing and at the crossroads of many advances in our society from new medicines to new materials. We are often called the molecular science as we attempt to understand the properties and behavior of systems in terms of their molecular structure. The properties that we recognize in everyday objects, such as temperature stability, hardness, strength and solubility can ultimately be understood at the molecular level. In turn we can use this understanding to create new compounds that meet desired criteria. In many ways the chemical sciences are akin to molecular architecture.

Our science overlaps with math and the other sciences. There are aspects of our science that will appeal to students with diverse skill sets. Those with strength in math, computers or physics will be attracted to physical, computational or theoretical chemistry. Biochemistry will appeal to those that have an interest in biology and medicine. Organic and inorganic chemistry focus on understanding chemical reactivity and using this reactivity to create new molecules for an intended purpose. Those with an interest in environmental matters will acquire skills in analytical and instrumental analysis that are used in many areas of study, but especially utilized in environmental chemistry. Chemical education provides an opportunity for those wishing to explore the intersection of chemistry with psychology and the learning sciences through discipline based education research. All undergraduates are exposed to these main divisions of the chemical sciences. By participating in research with a faculty member, a National Science Foundation summer program or an internship, you can enhance your knowledge in a specific area.

The department takes great pride in developing a good working relationship with our students to assist in placing them in competitive summer research programs or post graduate options including, Professional (Medical, Dental or Pharmacy) School, and Graduate School Programs that provide tuition and stipend or employment.

If you enjoy understanding how things work at a fundamental level and want to use this understanding as a component in solving more important problems for society then the chemical sciences are for you.